The confirmation of the Comtois describes a draft horse with a large head, alert eyes and small
ears. A straight neck joins the body, which is stocky and powerful with a deep girth. The back is
long and straight. They have short, strong legs with little feather and muscular hindquarters. The
mane and tail are both thick.

They are found in varying shades of chestnut, known in French as Alezan, often deepening to a
dark chocolate brown or bay. The mane and tail are by contrast a light flaxen and they stand
between 15 and 16.2 hands high. They have a very kind nature and an ability to learn very quickly.

Like all horses they come with different characters, some are steady and quiet and some have
a little more spirit!! So, it’s easy to say that there’s a Comtois to suit everyone.

Today the Comtois is the most abundant breed of heavy horse in France; there are approximately
850 stallions covering 13,000 mares each year and the emphasis of breeding is gradually
changing. Many more Comtois are now being used for leisure and lighter work each year, with
less emphasis on traditional draft work. Breeders and owner alike are realizing how much fun
they can have with a breed that is quick to learn, flexible to work and always wants to please.