While I am out and about at events in the UK I’ve had many people ask me if I knew where you
could buy these beautiful horses. I said yes, but unfortunately you have to go to France!! As you
can probably work out, I am now rather passionate about Comtois and want to enable as many
people as possible to experience this wonderful breed.

Since owning my Comtois I have become very good friends with a breeder in France. After a determined brush-up on my school-girl French, the language barrier is now sorted and we are able to work as a team to match suitable horses to people’s specific requirements.

Many of the horses we have for sale are in France. However this need not be a problem; the
approach we have is successfully tried and tested. If you are interested in Comtois horses, you
can visit me in Hampshire, where you can meet my Comtois horses that are for sale and ride
or drive these horses. At the same time we can confirm your requirements and ability to make
sure we find the right horse for you. I will then organise pictures of potential horses that may suit you.

If we don't have a suitable horse for you in England the next step is for you to have a very
enjoyable trip to France and stay at their Gite (B&B) in Balaiseaux where you can try out a few suitable horses whilst enjoying very good French cuisine and wine. I have tried all types of
transport to get there, as I visit often so I can assist you in planning your travel arrangements. In
the past, I’ve also travelled with some of our clients, depending on the approach they wish to take.

Alternatively if you are serious about purchasing a Comtois, and are unable to go to France, after
discussing your requirements and meeting with you I can bring the horse to England for you
to try and hopefully purchase, ?we do however ask for a deposit of £500.00 for this.

All of our horses are micro chipped and registered with the National Hara in France and are also open to full vetting. However, if a 5 stage vetting is required the vet must appreciate that Comtois is a Heavy horse breed.

If you are thinking of owning a Comtois or any European Draught Horse, there is a small word
of warning, please be aware that there are some Comtois that are imported into the UK that
are not necessarily supplied by registered breeders, since the launch of our website I have
heard of a few horses that have been very successfully purchased, even when their history
was unknown, unfortunately there are many that would have been heading for the meat line
in France due to intermittent lameness, skin problems, poor conformation etc, these horses
end up in coming to England - rescued from the meat market, unfortunately many of these
do not work out for the purpose of purchase, so please be careful if buying a European
Draught Horse with an unknown history. Some are very good and some may have problems.

To give a little back ground; in France there are hundreds of Comtois and they come in two types,
the equines bred for working and sport and those bred for the delicatessen/on fat farms, generally
the ones bred for delicatessen are not handled, have shorter legs and bigger bodies, so unless
they are brought at an early age there is a possibility they can be very bolshy and bargy. As
much as I don’t like the idea of people eating horse meat - in France this is seen as quite
normal and after giving it a lot of thought it does make sense to eliminate horses with problems
alongside the ones specifically bred for meat, but these horses often end up on a long stressful
journey to England for some it’s a happy ending but not for all.