I’ve been around horses for over 40 years and had never come across the Comtois breed. Finding the right horse is challenging at the best of times, but as a disabled rider it’s even more difficult as getting the right mix of ‘go and whoa’ with very little use of the leg and other aids is a tricky combination.

Researching breeds with good trainable and kind temperaments, I came across the RDA in Epsom who have two lovely Comotis Romeo and Sultan and my search soon led me to Jane and her lovely horses on her website.

After speaking to Jane and explaining my requirements, my friends and I arranged a visit, we were very taken with the inquisitive and friendly horses we found who were all eager to say hello over the stable doors.

Jane gave me a very detailed account of the horse I had come to try Cazelle, a lovely 15.2, 4 year old mare with a lovely nature and what I would describe as a ‘super learner’ attitude to work. I knew she was the right horse for me after a thorough trail; my friends would have happily put her on the roof rack of the car to get her home that day if they could of!

I’ve kept in touch with Jane, giving her regular updates on Cazelles progress. She’s fitted straight into a very busy BHS yard with 60 other horses, farm machinery and big wide open spaces that sometimes overwhelms new horses, and everyone loves the new gentle giant.

I would recommend Jane and her lovely Comtois to anyone looking for an intelligent, biddable, friendly and very kind breed. Jane’s experience of matching horses and owners is fantastic and Cazelle is exactly as she was advertised and described by Jane.

After sadly losing my younger horse I found Jane’s beautiful horses and Comtois website on the
internet.  Not being familiar with the breed I then did further research. The history of the breed
interested me and I knew I wanted to go and see them.

When I arrived at the stable yard and saw all these faces looking at me I just went ‘ wow’.
Jane listened to what I was looking for in my new horse (taking into account my advancing years).
She thought that Nielle as advertised on the website would be suitable for me.  She was green
but almost bombproof (she then proved Jane wrong).  Despite the appalling weather we went
for a ride and I knew after riding Nielle I had found my girl. I could not stay away from her
and those kind eyes.

Nielle very quickly settled into her new home.  She has proved to be one of the kindest horses
both to ride and to handle.  Although she is a big girl (16.1) she is not ‘bargy’ and certainly no
slouch when we are out hacking.   She will go out either with company or on her own and is
developing the confidence to deal with the different hazards we meet.

I keep in regular contact with Jane and I know that if I have a problem she is there for me and
will help.  I have already told her that when I am in a position to have another horse I will have
another Comtois. I feel very privileged to have my Nielle and grateful that Jane thought me a
suitable ‘ mother’ for one of her precious Comtois horses.

When I decided to look for a new logging horse, I was interested in the looks and qualities of
the Comtois breed. I contacted Jane to see if she had anything suitable for my needs. She
informed me that she had one which had recently come to her and I should see him. As he
had been a stallion she was concerned he should go to someone with experience, and if not
suitable for me, she would at least know my capabilities, and be able to source one more
appropriate to my needs.


With eager anticipation I made the journey from the north of Scotland to Basingstoke to
meet up with Jane and 'Tarzan.' On meeting Jane her natural enthusiasm for her horses was
evident, and along with her friendly and hospitable manner I was immediately reassured.


Tarzan was stunning and I was glad to have made the trip but was keen to see what he could do.

During my day with Jane she could not have been more accommodating in showing me what the
horses capabilities were. She was totally honest in her appraisal and it was obvious that matching
the right horse for the person was paramount. After returning home, I realised that Tarzan was
the horse for me, and the subsequent vetting, purchase, and transporting him home was all made
simple with a few phone calls and Jane's ever helpful assistance.

In the short time I have had Tarzan he has settled in with the rest of the herd without a problem.
He has been ridden, started logging work, and also done a demonstration.
He takes everything
in his stride.  Jane has always made herself available by phone or e-mail for assistance and advice,
which has been much appreciated. I am looking forward to my next Comtois and dealing with
Jane again.



Losing my first horse after a long battle to save him left me devastated.  A couple of friends had
been talking about Jane and her Comtois.  The more I heard about the breed, the more I liked
the sound of them.  I visited Jane in December to learn more about these horses, and to ride
Major and Rodeo.  After seeing these beautiful and gentle animals in the flesh I was smitten!
I had already seen Fresne (Vanesa Des Fresne), on the web site and had thought that she looked
and sounded perfect for me. I told Jane that I was interested in seeing this horse and asked how
long it would take to bring her over from France. 

Jane arranged everything really quickly for me despite being extremely busy herself. I was able
to bring Fresne home on December 22nd just in time for the Christmas holidays! Fresne is
adorable and settled in straight away. The second day after her arrival our yard held some
Christmas activities – there were lots of people and horses and music, but Fresne did not bat an
eyelid, I just led her around and stopped and chatted to people whilst she got loads of fuss! She
is so easy to do and a real pleasure to ride and to own.  I cannot wait for the summer months
to arrive.

Jane is fantastic to deal with and she strives to ensure that anyone who goes to her for a
Comtois is matched to the right one for them. I am a cautious rider and never in a million years
thought that I would own a youngster, but you would not believe Fresne’ s age as she is just so
laid back. The Comtois really are an amazing, versatile and good natured breed, and I am so
glad that I have discovered them.  Jane is always there if you need any advice or have any
questions, and I will definitely be keeping in touch with updates on Fresne’s progress.
Thanks for everything JaneJ

My husband had always helped me with the horses but had never felt the need to get in the
saddle. A friend had a horse able to take a 6ft novice and as a birthday present took him riding,
he was hooked!

We started looking for a horse for Simon and came across Comtois Horses, at first we thought
they may be a bit heavy but decided to speak to Jane and arranged to visit her in Basingstoke.
After assessing our requirements Jane showed us Suson, Simon rode her in Jane's school and
then went for a short hack, he was smitten!

We have geldings at home and were not sure how a mare would fit in, Jane was sure that
Suson would be fine and offered us a trial period. We went and collected her, she loaded
beautifully, we brought her home, turned her out with the others and she just put her head
down and started grazing. As we live in the New Forest we had to have a horse that could
cope with all the hazards like loose ponies! After a couple of hours we tacked her up and
went for a ride, we rode up a main road and onto to the forest, she encountered heavy traffic,
wild ponies, dog walkers and both the open forest and tracks and didn't put a foot wrong.
Suson has been with us for 3 months and has taken Simon all over the forest having brilliant
and uncomplicated rides, she is an absolute angel in every way, it is the pannage season at
the moment and she is one of the few horses that takes no notice of the pigs grazing the
forest. We have fallen in love with the breed and cannot thank Jane enough for her knowledge
and passion in matching us with the correct horse and for her support throughout. It is not
very often you come across someone as genuine as Jane in the horse world, other breeds
would definitely benefit from having someone like her involved with them. We are now looking
for our next Comtois so watch this space!

“I run a yard on an Estate in Surrey and when our carriage horse had to be retired, it was down
to me to find another carriage horse. I spent a lot of time researching carriage horses and
breeds for over 3 months, when I came across a picture of a lovely Chestnut Chunk with a
beautiful Blond mane and tail! I phoned the number and spoke to a wonderful lady called Jane
and arranged to come see Soublon.

We set out onto the roads for a 45 min drive. Soublon was a pleasure to drive and so chilled out,
we passed work men all over the roads without a blink of an eye and got chased by a dog
along side a house barking away Soublon didn’t even give it the time of day. Arriving back at
the yard I was sold, and booked a vetting with my vets straight away. Soublon has been with
us now for just over 4 months and I still cannot get over how good and honest he is. Jane is very
passionate about the Comtois breed and I can see absolutely why, Soublon hacks out with the
rest of the horses on the yard, he is schooled 3 x a week, has started jumping cross poles
(which he loves) and even goes in the pessoa! For such a strong sturdy type he is so agile and
athletic. He drives like a dream round the estate and knows his job better than I do! He’s such
a sweetie he’s even driven passed a helicopter face on and bouncy castles.”

All i can say is thank you so much to Jane for being so honest and enthusiastic about the breed
and giving us as much info it was much appreciated Soublon has a home for life!